Let you Spirit imagine the future, and Technology take you there.

SpiriTech is an innovation company, created in the interest of enhancing and empowering people, by taking the leap way outside the box. In an effort to see what can be done in the realm of new technologies and innovative uses of current technologies across multiple fields,
in the interest of creating whole new markets, as no leap of technology can guarantee a profit,
only more knowledge. 

But many ideas and technologies are misrepresented or misused,
as vision is blocked by the demand for profit, and many profitable ideas are simply not thought of.
We focus on technologically innovative ideas, product development and exploratory projects, and excel in the one creative process that is fading in modern commercialism.
We look at the bigger picture of: "What can this technology really do".


SpiriTech and Seraphim studios create an extremely customizable isometric MMO platform.


Exploring a new model of context aware, knowledge based AI.

Inverted architecture

Exploring new functional building environments and apartment modularisation.

SpaceShip design 101

Exploring habitats and realistic/practical space ship/station design.


A javascript utility library (browser/nodeJs).


Natural language and navigation icons.


Expanding Microdata /RDF /Schema.org into ERP and systems automation.


A new binary compiled language, with modern factors and server OS.


Redefining messaging, with a powerful email/xmpp/sms amqp system.


Redefining a new user friendly bigData management platform.


Logistics made easy.


Exploring modular and new military command and equipment structures.